(July 24, 1959 - December 15, 2023)

Mark began his career in public accounting in 1981 upon his graduation from Louisiana State University and in 1991 he became a partner at Rozier, McKay & Willis. His diverse background and unique personality made him indispensable to his clients. He had the ability to make everyone feel like a close friend and was a trustworthy confidant to all who sought out his counsel. Mark’s sense of humor resonated throughout the office bringing laughter to employees and clients alike. His legacy of customer service is a high mark that guides us all.


Darrelynn F. Richard

(December 16, 1961 – March 12, 2023)

Darrelynn Richard was a valued member of our team since 1997 and will be missed. She was the heart of the Bookkeeping Department and always willing to share her extensive knowledge and patient teachings. She will be remembered for her loyalty and wonderful sense of humor. Darrelynn carried herself with dignity, strength, and love until the end. Her irreplaceable presence will be felt for years to come.

John s. rozier

(May 1, 1948 – November 5, 2018)

John Rozier founded the accounting firm that became Rozier, McKay & Willis, in 1981. In addition to establishing the Firm, John continued to nurture it for the remainder of his life. Despite his passing, John’s stewardship will continue to have a profound impact through the legacy he created by serving as a mentor to each of the Firm’s partners. As the Firm continues the work that John began, its personnel and clients will benefit from the tradition of high professional standards that John established and carefully cultivated.

John S. Rozier, IV, CPA